Meet The Talent In FAA’s Newest Bunch

Meet The Talent In FAAs Newest Bunch

Also a photographer, Parker Halliday considers this her best shot

Alycia Felli

In the past couple of weeks, freshman Franklin Arts Academy applicants have received word on whether or not they were accepted into the academy. Meet five of the top artists that will be dwelling the Arts Academy wing next year.

Parker Halliday, who applied to FAA for filmography, claims she is self- taught.

“I would say I was just inspired by watching movies and TV shows. I used to think to myself ‘Hey… I can do that.’ So in 3rd grade I got a Flip camera and dragged my sister and cousin into the basement to film skits and movies. I always thought it would be fun… then I got a T3i camera and taught myself how to edit, and I think I began to like it even more than I already did!” jokes Halliday.

“It’s an outlet to express myself,” says one of Franklin High’s most talented musicians, Guitarist Dominic Salzillo.

“I’m a pretty shy person, but something happens when I pick up a guitar… and it just gets rid of that shyness.” says Salzillo about the guitar. Dom will be a member of FAA’s graduating class of 2017. (Watch him jam out here)

It’s one thing to have good Instagram posts, but it is another to capture those moments. Photographer Caitlin Marple will be taking two FAA courses next year.

“I thought that a different learning style might help me to understand and retain material better, along with being able to do something I love all day.” confesses Marple.

You know the girl behind the camera? That’s Riley Halliday. Taking pictures of everything and anything, she was motivated to do FAA because art has always had a big part in her life.

“FAA gives me an opportunity to incorporate art in my education… that’s really what motivated me to apply.” says the photography guru.

Last but not least, triple threat Maddie Dieterlie will be a member of the Arts Academy come September. A talented actress, musician, and multi- material artist, Dieterlie wanted to do FAA primarily for their theater program.

“I’ve been doing theater since I was four, and I do pretty good stage makeup. I draw and paint A lot too. I do sing [although I’m not very good], and play the piano also!” lists the ultimate artist.

FAA consists of the most dedicated musicians, actors, singers, and artists from Franklin High School. For more information on the Franklin Arts Academy, watch their informational video here.