The Perks Of Being A (High School) Student

Alycia Felli

A couple extra bucks around this time of year can be a challenge for all teenagers. Whether they are freshman or soon-to-be college students, everyone wants (and needs) the same thing: money.

Although high- schooler’s never seem to stop spending, there are ways to keep spending on all those same things, but for a lower price. It’s time for you to be able to purchase that one pair of concert tickets you’ve really been craving, or maybe that new pair of Roshe Runs- without the guilt that comes with purchasing those unnecessary (but essential) big ticket items.

So… how exactly will you get all this additional money? Two words. Student discounts. Student discounts are available in most places upon asking, especially restaurants or clothing stores.

“I think [student discounts] are a good thing that can benefit students and businesses.” says student Grace Long, who had no idea such discounts could come with a student ID.

Some places around town can give you up to 20% discount on their services, including Sun Central Tanning downtown and Delleria Salon at Emerald Square. Town Fair Tire in Milford offers 10% off on any services and purchases.

At restaurants, you’d be surprised with the goodies you can receive just for flashing your school plastic. Chipotle offers a free drink with any purchase, while Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonalds, and Burger King are said to give you a 10% off your purchase.

On bigger purchases, such as Apple Products, you can receive up to $200 off select purchases! Microsoft also does something similar, offering a 10% off discount and free Word software. HP offers up to $400 off their products with free shipping.

As for retail, Topshop will provide you with up to 15% off in store, same applies with J-Crew. Although it may say for college students only, they do give leeway in stores.

Many mobile providers will offer discounts with a valid student ID. Visit your local Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile store to see how much you can receive off your monthly phone bill.