Proposed Cell Phone Policy

Proposed Cell Phone Policy

Sophomore Kiarra Falcone using her iPhone and laptop to do her homework.

Carolyn Fenerty, Writer

A possible new cell phone policy for next year’s new school may have students keep their phones in their lockers during class time.

The student government met on Tuesday morning to discuss the new policy, and to allow student representatives to argue against and give alternatives to the new policy.

The argument for the new policy is that, because students will be getting new Chromebooks next year, there is no need for phones to help with school work.

Although no policy has been finalized, many students are angry over the proposition.

“I thinks that it’s a right that we’ve had taken away from us when we haven’t done anything wrong,” said sophomore Rachel Petit about the possiblity of losing access to phones during the school day.

Cell phones can be useful in terms of internet access for research or checking Itslearning or Aspen, and they provide access to parents or emergency calls during the school day.

However, phones can also be distracting, and can raise the issues of inappropriate use, especially sexting and cyberbullying. Despite the possible drawbacks, many schools are incorporating cell phones into their curriculum.