Blue Mountain State the Movie

Colton Cardinal

It is finally happening. After years of patient waiting and countless fan driven petitions Blue Mountain State The Movie is finally coming to the silver screen. Blue Mountain State is a cancelled Spike TV show that parodied the inner workings of college football and college life in general.

Fans enjoyed the antics of the series protagonist Alex Moran, a talented quarterback who just wants to be the back up for the country’s top football team.

An every man who prefers partying and reaping the benefits of being a college football player without having to do any of the work, Alex Moran was liked by fans for being relatable and a down to earth character who stands out in the angry, steroid-fueled locker room of the BMS football team.

Now with the help of a kick-starter that the stars and creators of the show have launched, fans can support the production of this movie by donating money to the film’s budget. The BMS movie will be independently produced by the shows creators as no studio or production company is willing to fund the movie.

The biggest comedic force in the show has always decidedly been the linebacker and team captain Thad Castle. Thad is a loud, foul mouthed, egotistical football star, and the fans love every minute that he’s on screen.

Thad, played by Alan Ritchson, was the one to announce the launch of the BMS movie kickstarter live on the Jimmy Kimmel show and is a real thing so donate up people.