Oskey 2014

Oskey 2014

Ms.Waters & The hosts of Oskey 2014

Natalie Downie

This years performance of Oskey is a must see! It is the last show to be performed in the FHS Lecture Hall.

“This show is different than any other because it is not put on by the theatre department; instead it is any senior that is interested in being apart of it” Ms. Waters added.

“Oskey stands for ‘Our School Key’ and it has been apart of the school for years now. It is the biggest show all year, and I suggest people get there early because it is going to sell out.”

The show contains musical performances, dances, and many comedy acts that portray the students and faculty of FHS. The show is to be held on May 7th and 8th, and it costs $5.00 for students and $10.00 for adults.

This years hosts are Marissa Palladini, Chris Arnaudo, Amanda Farnan, and Griffin Tighe.

“We’ve been practicing for weeks now, and it’s kind of bittersweet because it is the last show in the lecture hall. I hope a lot of people come its going to be a really good show!” Julia DiMarino commented.

The theme of Oskey this year is construction in honor of this being the last show before the school is torn down. This year it is not only a goodbye to the seniors, but also a goodbye to the high school.