Tranquil Souls Yoga

Kylee Hurley, Writer

Anyone looking for a new yoga studio is in luck, because Tranquil Souls Yoga is officially open in East Franklin.

With sixteen different instructors teaching Barre and Yoga classes, its safe to say there is a variety of classes to choose from. At the moment there are twelve different classes to take. Classes for beginners are always available, as well as more experienced Yogis.

While interviewing freshman Nadia Havens, she was excited to learn that there was a new studio open for such low rates. “I have always wanted to try yoga, but all of the places are either to expensive or they don’t have a Beginner Class. I will definitely have to go there sometime,” Nadia stated during an interview.

Tranquil Souls Yoga provides mats for any beginner taking a class. Beginners are supposed to show up to the class they signed up for 10-15 minutes before the class begins. There is a place on the Tranquil Souls website to sign up for a class in advance.

Katy Smith who is also a freshman was thrilled to hear about the new studio. “I don’t own a mat, and I really don’t want to spend my money on one if I don’t like yoga. It is nice that they offer mats for free, because it is easier for me,” she said during a brief interview.

For people who are on a budget, there is a $5 Happy Class every Friday. Students can sign up on the website or just drop on in after a school day. The class starts at four, so if you are planning on going out with your friends on a Friday night the class is early enough in the day to fit in both!

If you are looking for a place to relax and find a quiet place nearby then Tranquil Souls Yoga is the place to go!