Did D’angelos Vanish Into Thin Air?

Did Dangelos Vanish Into Thin Air?

Gone but not forgotten.

Eric Cohen

Local sandwich shop D’angelos packed up and closed shop recently without notice.

In the mood for a good sub? Don’t try the D’angelos in Franklin Village Drive because as of around two weeks ago it was closed and abandoned.

Why though? No one really knows. It is as if they packed up and closed overnight. One day they’re there, the next day the doors are locked, it’s empty, and even the sign is gone.

For a restaurant that has been their for as long as I can remember it seems weird that they would close without notice.

One theory of why it closed is because of the competition with ChipotleEven though if you walked into D’angelos on a weekend afternoon it would sometimes take up to 30 minutes for you to be served because of all the people it was still no match for its next door neighbor Chipotle whose line was always double that of D’angelos.

“It just couldn’t compete with Chipotle.” said senior Doug Buckley.

When asked what should be built in its place, Sarah Lemansky had an idea.

“Another Chipotle.” Sarah joked.

With this joke, shows what the students clearly voted as their favoirte place to get a bite to eat.

Although it vanished from the center of town, don’t get too upset if your craving D’angelos you can always go write over the border to the Bellingham Rapid Refill where their is a D’angelos and a Dunkin’ Donuts.