Locker Clean-out & Ice Cream!

FHS Seniors are being rewarded for their outrageous spirit with an ice cream social.

The ice cream party will take place on Thursday May 22nd during A period. It will follow locker clean-out.

During locker clean-out seniors are required to take everything out of their lockers, and either dispose of it or take it home. Trashcans and recycling bins will be set up throughout main hall for students to get rid of their trash.

Students also have to take their lock off of their locker and turn it in. For students who don’t know their locker combination, A period teachers will have a list of all of their students combinations.

Following the locker clean out, seniors will go to the cafeteria to enjoy ice cream for winning this years spirit week!

Mr. Leighton discussed the ice cream social:

“The Student Government will have the ice cream scooped and in bowls before the seniors get into the cafeteria so that no one has to wait around for their ice cream to be scooped; they can just grab a bowl and sit down.”