School Without the Seniors

School Without the Seniors

Junior Daevon Weathers standing in senior hall with no seniors to be found.

Colton Cardinal, Student Writer

Franklin High School seniors were officially done with normal high school classes last Friday and now who runs school?

With the seniors gone its only natural for all Franklin Highs under class men to feel a bit more empowered. When I asked Junior Cal Harmon who runs the school he replied “The Freshmen… Just kidding its the Juniors BABY!”

This kind of optimism is what the class of 2015 is looking for as their excitement and anticipation increases going into summer and senior year.


Although the seniors are gone they are not forgotten with many of them returning here or there this week due to senior finals.

“I’m so jealous that the seniors are getting out of school and sending snapchats of them doing cool stuff while im stuck in school” says Junior Matt Mancini.