The Future Of Pantherbook

The Future Of Pantherbook

Franklin High School is receiving a new logo. Should Pantherbook?

Alycia Felli

A new school means a variety of new things… new food, new lockers, new policies, new activities, new schedules, and even new teachers.  Next year, even Pantherbook will be getting a revamp.

“The club is going to meet more often. We will be able to film video updates with all the new technology.” said Mr. Leighton, the Pantherbook teacher adviser.

“The goal is for Pantherbook to be more interactive with students. We’re looking for more contributors, whether it be photos, videos, or article ideas, we’re hoping people will be willing to submit via Instagram, Twitter, or the site itself.”

Next school year, not only will Digital Journalism be offered every term, but the club will be attempting to get its name out.

“I hope for the site to be a one stop to quick information for students.” added Leighton.

Pantherbook will be looking for new journalists to write for next year. More stories will be added daily in order to keep students in the loop.

Our online newspaper is going to help students transition into the new school. Articles will be published surrounding the new school and tying together all its odds and ends.

If you are interested in taking the Digital Journalism course for either term one or two of the 2014- 2015 school year, please go see your guidance counselor.

If you would like to take part in the Pantherbook club next school year, or just enjoy writing, feel free to join the club next fall.  Information about the club will be published on Pantherbook.