Freshman Elections Coming Up

Griffin Fenton, Writer

With the start of the new school year comes the highly anticipated freshman student government and class officer elections.

Though the time for signing up to run for a position has passed, students still have the opportunity to vote for their new President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer on this coming Wednesday, 10/1. The campaigning submissions of those who are running for these positions can be found on itslearning, under “Class of 2018”. On election day, voting too will be available on this page.

( Videos created by students can also be found on Youtube).

A few days later, on 10/8, elections for class representative will be held. Remember, if you run for a class officer position and are not elected, you are still invited to run in this election as well. The eight students with the most votes will become the new representatives of the 9th grade in Student Government this year.

Voting this year will be held on itslearning, as well as all campaigning. Students running for class officer will not be presenting public speeches, but rather using videos, documents, and posters online to lobby for your vote.

Good luck to all of the students running, and please remember to check out the campaign submissions, as well as put your vote in on the designated election days. As freshman student Stephanie Schiavo says, “By voting, you are providing an example for you and the school about how you want to be remembered”.

Talk to Mr. Penza ([email protected]) or Mr. Leighton ([email protected]) for any further questions regarding freshman elections.