What is “popular” music?

Kat Gillies

There are thousands of different types of music around the world. What you listen to could depend on what other people listen to, or just your personal preference.

However, what I have noticed over time is that teenagers listen to particular stations that they think will help them fit in. For example, the radio station KISS 108, which plays all of the current music created by popular artists, has got millions of teenagers attached to it.

My opinions may sound biased, but I have discussed with many people about my theory, and most seemed to agree. One of my close friends said, “A big part of fitting in is being up to date with what people currently listen to.” I completely agree with this because one of the unfortunate aspects of high school consists of teens doing their best to fit in and be a part of the cool crowd.

In my opinion, this logic is completely invalid. For me, being popular means being yourself and not being afraid of what the people surrounding you think. It should not matter what type of music you listen to, but what should matter is that you are able to have confidence in yourself and what you do best.