Chromebooks Create Classroom Distractions

Lauren Robinson, Writer

Use of the new chromebooks at Franklin High School causes students to be distracted in class due to what is visible on their peers’ screens. Although they create many educational benefits, at times they become problems in the classroom.

A student will be in a class, and the student next to them will be playing a game or messaging their friends. Instead of focusing on what the teacher says, the student’s eyes will veer onto the computer screen of the person sitting next to them.

Now they are distracted.

Freshman Caroline Jackson shares, “Even if you want to stay focused, it is just so tempting with the Chromebooks inches away… Very few teenagers would choose listening to a lecture over playing a game on their shiny new laptop.” At the end of the day, Franklin High School is about students taking initiative for their own learning. It is the student’s loss if they are not paying attention.

Although the chromebooks may cause some distractions, they are also a positive resource. The 1:1 device program allows teachers and students to collaborate, share ideas, and access classroom resources, all by the touch of the mouse.

 Technical chromebook support can be found in the media center at the STAR team help desk.