Why You Should Eat Breakfast

Devyn Forcina, writer

Are you starving by second period? This might be due to not eating breakfast. 20 to 30 % of students stop eating the most important meal of the day as they become teenagers.

 Usually the excuse for not eating breakfast is, “I just don’t have time.” This is true for most teenagers because they sleep in and almost miss the bus. Most of us could actually make time for breakfast by going to bed earlier.

 Teenagers are more inclined to go to bed late. In fact, the average teenager does not fall asleep until around 11:00 P.M. We need about 9 hours of sleep in order to function properly. It is important to get enough sleep because it helps us to remember information, concentrate, and problem solve.

 If you don’t have time to sit down in the morning and have something to eat, bring a breakfast on the go. The most nutritious breakfasts to have on the go are:

  • granola bars
  • breakfast bars
  • dried cereal
  • fruit
  • yogurt

 It is ideal for students to get some of all of the food groups in their breakfast. However, as long as they get some carbohydrates for energy, it will make a big difference.

 Drinks that students should stop having at breakfast are coffee and energy drinks. They raise blood pressure and heart rate.

 If you have breakfast, it will increase how much calcium and vitamin D you get during the day. According to recent studies, calcium and vitamin D can help to prevent infections, cancer, and diabetes. Also, it will help to build bone, which starts during adolescence and continues until about the age of 20.

If you eat breakfast, you will be able to focus more during your classes, because you won’t be starving. Eating breakfast will help your body and your mind, so try to have it in the morning!