FAA has a new T-shirt Design

Chris Baker, Writer

With the goal of being able to attend a field trip to Boston this Spring, Franklin Arts Academy is taking part in various forms of fundraising. One of these fundraisers is the sale of t-shirts that promote the program.

About twenty students completed t-shirt designs for the 2014-2015 school year. All of these works of art contained a unique design or pattern, along with “Franklin Arts Academy” printed across the shirt. Quotes could also be found throughout these drawings.

FAA members voted on the final design through It’s Learning.
Although each of these artistic compositions exemplified creativity, only one could qualify to be the final design.
Nova Weng, a junior on her second year in the program, created a spectacular art piece, which is now the official t-shirt for this year.
The shirt features a very meaningful quote, “ART. It’s in You. It’s in All of US.”

For the FAA, fundraising is very significant because it allows student to go on field trips and it also benefits scholarships that are annually awarded to seniors in the arts program.
Franklin Arts Academy’s goal is to have many successful fundraisers, and the t-shirt sale helps the program strive.