Pantherbook meets Panther Pride

Chris Baker, Writer

Eighth grade students came to Panther Pride Night last Wednesday to explore Franklin High and to get a better understanding of their upcoming freshman year.
Many of these boys and girls were interested in becoming members of Pantherbook in future years.
One enthusiastic middle schooler decided she would continue her interest in girls basketball by even getting the chance to use her writing skills this season with Pantherbook. Her mother was quite impressed with the program, as she saw an up-close view of the website and its members.
Writers were able to demonstrate their skills in front of students and parents. These visitors were intrigued they learned that the site was primarily updated by students of FHS.
The editors of Pantherbook are Nick Burgos, Caroline Cafasso, and Abigail Weinberg. As experienced members, these seniors were all active at Panther Pride Night. They did a great job greeting visitors and answering questions.
With the combined efforts of Mr. Leighton, the editors, and other writers, Pantherbook definitely gained more readers and supporters of the online newspaper.