Pantherbook Profile: Mr. Walsh

Pantherbook Profile: Mr. Walsh

Mr. Walsh at the Great Wall of China this past summer during the FHS China Trip

Caroline Cafasso, Editor

Each week, Pantherbook will ask an FHS teacher 15 questions that will let FHS get to know him/her better, whether you have them for a class or see them as a familiar face in the halls.

This week, Mr. Walsh is our Teacher of the Week.

1. Full Name/Nickname: My nickname is Butch.

2. If  I were not at my job right now I’d probably be: I would probably be off in Iowa or New Hampshire planning a presidential campaign. Not for myself, though… I would like to be a campaign manager.

3. Something most people would be surprised to know about me is: I was a trackie and a bandie in high school. And a nerd.

4. My biggest fear: That sugar-free gum will be found to cause cancer.

5. One day I plan to: …fly a plane. I will do that.

6. The best/worst thing about my job is: The worst part of the job is falling asleep on students papers and grading papers late into the night. The best part of the job is I know I’ve helped students understand a difficult concept.

7. Favorite season? Fall.

8. What school did you go to? Stonehill College.

9. Favorite movie/TV show? Breaking Bad and Thank You For Smoking.

10. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Definitely to fly. That’s an easy one – to fly.

11. 5 ways to use a pencil: I can write with it, I can erase with it, I can chew on it, I can sharpen it, and I can stick on my ear to look smart.

12. Favorite childhood memory: Sitting on my grandfather’s lap hearing stories about his life.

13. The last book I read: Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen.

14. The last concert I attended: Blake Shelton and George Strait.

15. Funniest thing to happen to me at work: I would say probably the time that my stool collapsed underneath me and I fell to ground while teaching a lesson.