Getting to know Mr. Wall


Emily Shea and Becca Simpson

Full Name/Nickname:

Matthew Wall / Mr. Wall / Matt

If you were not at your job now, what would you be:Mr. Wall

I’d be a producing engineer.

Something most people would be surprised to know about you:

I have a credit on the last DropKick Murphys album.

Your biggest fear:

Why would I tell you that? Then everyone would know! I’ll just say snakes.

One day you plan to:

Visit every major league ballpark.

The best/worst thing about your job:

Best – working with young people

Worst – doing grades

Favorite Season:

Winter! It’s Christmas and my birthday (December 14th!).

What school did you go to:

The University of Missouri. Go Tigers!

Favorite Movie/TV Show:

I love Breaking Bad.

Best Superpower:

The ability to freeze time.

5 ways to use a pencil:

To write. To erase. To draw. To tap out a funky beat. To stick in a ceiling tile.

Favorite childhood memory:

A vacation to Mexico I went on when I was little. We stayed at an all-expense paid resort. It blew my mind as a child because I could ask for things and they’d give them to me for no money.

The last book you read:

I’m not too big of a reader, but the Ender’s Game.

The last concert you attended:

It would have been a long time ago before my daughter. The Dirty Projectors at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.

Funniest thing that’s happened to you at work:

When I got hit in the chest at the Dodgeball game last year.