FHS Feeding Frenzy

The new café has high hopes for its future at FHS. Along with the new school, came a new option available for students to purchase food.

As opposed to the typical cafeteria lunch, students are now able to purchase food before school and during lunch period elsewhere.

Located in the media center of FHS is a café that serves food and drinks such as, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, soup, snacks, fruit cups, seltzer, and pudding parfait.

But who can purchase these items? Registered dietitian and the district’s food service director, Missy Hope, said any student can become a customer of these new products.

With the swipe of a student ID, students can provide themselves with a healthy and quick lunch or snack.

The café is open before school and offers muffins, bagels, honey buns, juices, cheese sticks, yogurt, fruit, and milk for breakfast. One breakfast serving costs $1.80.

In relation to what is soon to come, Hope says:

“We hope to open an after school snack bar… we may be able to sell pizza, sandwiches, and nachos.”

According to Hope:

“The students seem surprised and happy” about the new cafe. “Today we sold smoothies that customers designed themselves…like being able to choose ingredients.”

When FHS senior, Aimee Trottier, was asked about the new café she stated:

“I think it’s great, especially if you have long period in the media center, its a nice snack to hold you over until last lunch.”

On a side note, Hope was asked about her own feelings toward the café and exclaimed:

“It’s a lot of fun…like having your own little restaurant.”

Franklin High School’s own little restaurant expects to continue catering to students inputs and feelings toward the already successful café.