Chromebooks vs. Cell Phones: The Real Distraction

Cassidy DeVincentis, Writer

Are Chromebooks more of a distraction than our cell phones were?

Due to the new school years changes, the move from the old school to the new school included eliminating the access to our cell phones. We have now been provided Chromebooks by the school to aid us in studying and research.

Some students report that there may be more of a disruption in our learning now that we have open access to Chromebooks rather than the cell phones.

FHS student Alyssa Rutkowski chimes in claiming: “especially due to the recent bomb threat emergency, I feel that people should be allowed to have their cellphones on them at all times because it is necessary to contact your parents in such cases.”

Rutkowski sees that Chromebooks are like our cell phones were but “with more distractions like games and websites.”

Chromebooks definitely come in handy for research and makes schoolwork and homework much easier, but students see the need for phones to be allowed as well.

Jennifer Sheehan also feels: “cell phones have almost all of the same stuff Chromebooks have, so what is the reason for taking them away?”

The usage of phones and the influx of technology this year has definitely been a big controversy and has caused a lot of setbacks for many students.