Oskey: An Inside Scoop

Lynnaea Barry, Writer

The end of the school year is approaching, which means Oskey rehearsals have begun. Tara Lambert, an Oskey organizer and participant, answers a few questions people may be wondering about the end of the year performance.

“Oskey is like a senior capstone, it’s a show that really commemorates our high school years”, Tara says. For years, Oskey has been a tradition for seniors to take on, expressing their comedic opinions and impressions on teachers, administration, and even students.

Oskey rehearsals include writing ideas for skits down, making them into scripts, reading through them, and getting the scripts signed by the people that are in them.

“Even though it’s funny, we have to make sure it’s respectful, we’re trying to keep the show personal to the students, but not cross any lines.” Tara agrees with Maddy Fields, another Oskey participant, that this is by far the toughest aspect about Oskey. Tara explains there are already a few skits that pull fun at junior girls, and there’s already quite a few skits about the new rules at Franklin High.

“We need to accommodate everyone’s schedules”, Maddy says, when asked why Oskey rehearsals starts so early. “This is the biggest show of the year,” Tara adds, stating that Oskey is more hard work and requires a lot of effort compared to Cabaret or Hollywood Nights, performances that strictly Theatre I, II, and III participate in.

“Oskey stands for “Our School Key,” referring to our school keynote, the biggest part of our high school career; our senior year. It’s like, a senior right of passage. It’s every year, you go to Oskey, every time something happens that year you’re like: that’s going into Oskey,” Tara explains. There is no denying the excitement that goes on during Oskey rehearsals is almost completely overwhelming.

When asked how many seniors are participating this year, the two girls, Maddy and Tara, look at each other blankly. “Oh god, a lot,” Maddy says. “About 60 people have come and gone to the rehearsals,” Tara adds.

So: What time should you go to the auditorium to get a seat for Oskey?

“The show starts at seven. People are lining up at six, this is an 800 person auditorium. I wouldn’t be surprised if we filled it up, honestly.”