Seniors: Where They’re Going, What They’re Doing, and Their Advice

Lindsey Chiarelli, Reporter


College Banners Hanging on the Wall at Franklin High School.
College Banners Hanging on the Wall at Franklin High School.

Franklin High School seniors have committed to colleges, and are getting ready to take the next important steps in their lives, and develop bright futures. Here’s what a few of them have to say about the schools they chose, and some advice for underclassmen approaching the college search.

Student: Conor Bond

College: University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA.

Major: Communications with a focus in Film.

Why he chose his school: “This school continues to move up the ranks as a top-tier university. It’s standards are very impressive. I love the campus and the surrounding town. It’s very big, which allows me to both enjoy and escape the party atmosphere.”

How he feels: “I’m not nervous at all because I know it’s the school for me. I couldn’t be more excited because I’m tired of high school and I’m ready to move on to bigger things.”

His advice: “Do not exclude any colleges from your search based on preconceived notions. Research and visit as many schools as possible. You might be surprised.”


Student: Christina Connelly

College: Providence College, RI.

Major: Business Finance

Why she chose her school: “The location in the city, the type of people that go there, and the nightlife is really fun and they have really good academics.”

How she feels: “I’m really excited to meet new people and start over somewhere new. I’m nervous for the change in academics because I know it will be a lot harder than high school.”

Her advice: “Start the process as early as possible. Get SATs and college tours out of the way, do the common app over the summer with the essay, and I recommend doing early action because you get to know your options sooner. Senior grades matter, because they can be the ultimate decision maker for a college acceptance or rejection.”


Student: Adam Moessing

College: Brigham Young University, UT.

Major: Finance.

Why he chose this school: “Religion, both my parents went there, great business program, relatively inexpensive tuition, and family in the area.”

How he feels: “I’m nervous because it’s a totally new thing and I don’t know a lot of people. But I’m excited because it’s just furthering my education and a chance to meet new people and do new things.”

His advice: “Take high school classes that interest you, not just ones that you think are easy A’s.”


Student: Brooke Lepage

College: Trinity College, CT.

Major: Public Policy and Law.

Why she chose her school: “The second I stepped onto Trinity’s campus I knew I could see myself going there. My  major combines 2 majors she was considering into one, which is rare to find at a school.”

How she feels: “Finding a school you can really see yourself at takes away the nerves. I’ll miss Franklin a lot but I honestly can’t wait to go.”

Her advice: “Don’t let yourself get stressed out.There’s a school for everyone and things always end up working out no matter what.”


Student: Colton Cardinal

College: Boston College, MA.

Major: Undecided with plans of majoring in Environmental Geoscience. Also playing football.  Why he chose his school: “Loved the atmosphere, loved the people, and it offered the best fit to challenge myself both academically and athletically.”

How he feels: “I’m more excited than nervous but such a huge change in environment and day to day life would make anyone nervous.”

His advice: “Be honest with yourself on the kind of vibe you get from a school and make a decision on what’s best for your interest beyond just the academic life.”


Student: Samantha Janell

College: Simmons College, MA.

Major: Nursing.

Why she chose her school: “It was the best option location wise, and I will have so many more opportunities in my major there.”

How she feels: “I’m mostly excited to be independent!”

Her advice: “Get everything done early, and apply to a variety of schools, even if you think you don’t know exactly where you want to go.”


Student: Sean Cole

College: University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA.

Major: Enrolled in Business school with an undecided major

Why he chose his school: “My dad went there, the business school is top notch, and I wanted to apply to a bigger school rather than smaller schools. It’s a very affordable school for a great education.”

How he feels: “Excited because it seems so fun and a new part of my life.”

His advice: “Definitely go on college visits. You’ll never know what you want until you’ve seen it first hand.”


Student: Bridget Johnson

College: Johnson and Wales, RI.

Major: Fashion Retail and Merchandising.

Why she chose her school: “They have an awesome fashion program and lots of great connections with major fashion labels.”

How she feels: “I’m excited to be doing what I love and to get involved in fashion, but nervous to be on my own and make new friends.”

Her advice: “Don’t get too stressed or upset- it’s not as big of a deal as it seems. Get your applications done and try hard during senior year.”


Student: Tyler Varda

College: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA.

Major: Business.

Why he chose his school: “I liked how it was a smaller school. I loved the outdoor fields and spaces, and the campus lifestyle really appealed to me with clubs, and the fitness center. It seemed like they had a lot to offer that interested me.”

How he feels: “Very excited! I can’t wait to meet new people and have my own schedule, but at the same time theres that first day of school nervousness that we all go through.”

His advice: “Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Work smarter not harder- if you overwork yourself you’ll get overwhelmed, so just take things one step at a time.”


Student: Jessica Garrigan

College: Boston College, MA.

Major: Business or Accounting.

Why she chose her school: “I was immediately welcomed by so many enthusiastic students and professors and I just felt like I belonged there.”

How she feels: “I’m really excited! Each time I visit the campus it gets me more and more excited for next year.”

Her Advice: “Start everything early, it will save you a lot of time and stress during your senior year.”


Student: Austen Sholudko

College: University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA.

Major: Biochemistry, History, or Polyscience.

Why he chose his school: “It is affordable, a good school, big, and has all the possible majors I’m interested in.”

How he feels:“I’m excited to go because it’ll be fun, but i’m nervous because of meeting new people and training for swimming.”

His advice: “Don’t stress.”


Student: Sam Socha

College: Ithaca College, NY.

Major: Integrated Marketing Communications.

Why she chose her school: “It has a really well known and respected communications program which really drew me in. I thought this was important when looking for internships and jobs in the future. The town is amazing too.”

How she feels: “I am both nervous and excited! It’s over 5 hours away so that’s a big step! But I’m excited because I will meet a ton of new people!”

Her advice: “Don’t be afraid to apply to your reach schools- it doesn’t hurt to try. Apply early so you can find out if you got in earlier- it makes things more enjoyable.”


Student: Andrew Parent

College: University of New Haven, CT.

Major:Business Management.

Why he chose his school: “I really liked the campus, it just felt like home, and I could see myself going there. I am also playing football there.”

How he feels: “I’m nervous, but I think I’m more excited! I can’t wait to be in college and start a new chapter in my life.”

His advice: “Start early and do not procrastinate, it is stressful but once you choose a school its a terrific feeling.”


Student: Maddie Bressler

College: Saint Anselm College, NH.

Major: Nursing.

Why she chose her school: “I got on campus and instantly knew that it was the one. It just felt right, everything there felt like home and I felt like I belonged. The nursing and field hockey programs were both definitely right for me- it just clicked!”

How she feels: “I’m beyond excited- I did an overnight with the field hockey team and it made me so excited for the fall!”

Her advice: “Start early! If you’re interested in playing a sport for a school, get your name out there! Also, make sure a school has what you’re interested in before you just look at athletics. Take tours and get on campus to make sure it’s truly for you!”