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The Courtyard – Is It Happening?

As Franklin High (FHS) gets ready for warmer weather, students and staff are beginning to wonder about the courtyard.

A new asset to Franklin High School: the courtyard, a concrete, patio like space in the center of the school, was designed for students to hang out in and socialize. The intent of the courtyard is for it to be open to students to walk through during passing time, and also during lunch period. However, it has yet to be officially introduced to the Franklin High faculty and student body.

Although many have said the delay to open the space is attributed to it simply being put on the back-burner, this is not the case.

“We have some hesitations,” explained Assistant Principal Mr. Schmidt. According to Schmidt, talk about opening the courtyard has occurred, yet administration has its concerns when it comes to keeping the space clean, and also monitored.

Mr. Schmidt, along with Mr. Giguere, another FHS assistant principal, expressed their worry about the issue of trash being left behind by students.

“Trash is a big issue even in the cafeteria,” said Giguere. “We want to try and keep the new space clean, and trash free.”

Another issue administration has faced is the aspect of supervision. According to both Giguere and Schmidt, the courtyard would need to have staff monitoring it at all times when students are present.

“If we have students eating lunch in the cafeteria, library, and in the courtyard, it will be a stretch,” admitted Schmidt. “Bottom line, supervision is a big part of this.”

Each agreed that the approach to opening the new school has been in stages, the courtyard being one of them. “If we look to open up the courtyard, a thoughtful, effective plan needs to be established,” said Giguere.

Although it may not be opened to students to freely use anytime soon, Schmidt and Giguere want the FHS community to incorporate the space into class time in the upcoming months.

“I encourage teachers to take their students outside into the courtyard, it’s a great space for classes to go,” Schmidt explained.

Regardless of the hesitations to opening it, many students are excited to see what happens and look forward to using the courtyard.

Catherine LeClair, an FHS sophomore, says she normally would choose the cafeteria to eat lunch, but likes the idea of eating in the new space. “The courtyard would be a really nice place to get a change of scenery during the day.”

“I think students would be disappointed if it wasn’t opened,” Catherine expressed, adding that “It’s such a nice part of the new school and it shouldn’t be wasted.”

More news is to come on the status of the courtyard in the next couple of months.

About the Contributor
Julia Hogan, News Editor
After taking Digital Journalism as a Sophomore, Julia has had a love for journalism and writing ever since. During her first year as a member of Pantherbook, Julia was elected News Editor as a Junior. Julia focuses primarily on covering School News, including topics ranging from club and sports news to breaking news happening in and around the school. Julia enjoys helping to lead other Pantherbook writers and reviewing the work of other members. As an involved student inside and outside of school, Julia is also a class representative for the FHS class of 2017, Treasurer of the National Honors Society and a tri-captain of the FHS Girls Tennis Team for her Senior year. In her free time, Julia enjoys spending time with friends and family, following the news and politics, and visiting her grandmother who resides in Cape Cod. In the future, Julia hopes to attend school in New England or near Washington D.C. to study Political Science and Public Relations.