Spread The Word To End The Word

Slade Dow, Writer

A great many words that have had relevant meaning in society have fallen out of favor but none so much as the R-word.

The students of Best Buddies have been advocating a campaign to end the use of this word. One of the advisors of Best Buddies, Mrs. Connolly, made claims that some videos supporting this campaign would be released, but no date of release has been revealed.

While it has had a purposeful meaning in medicine, the phrasing has been changed and along with it, the connotation of the R-word. The word has degraded to an insult and slang instead of a medicinal term. 

An amazing example of the power of celebrities supporting a campaign such as this one can be seen in the PSA called “Not Acceptable”. The PSA describes the R-word as being just like any other racial minority term.

This campaign is being supported by a lot of people, from doctors, to principles, to actors, to basketball players, to students. They have all joined the campaign to “spread the word to end the word.”