The Truth Behind The Coffee Rule

The Truth Behind The Coffee Rule

FHS students in the library with a coffee cup on the table

Matt Collins , Writer

There has been a lot of talk about the coffee rule in Franklin High School. This is the reason why it’s in place along with the truth behind the rule.

Throughout FHS there is a rule that there is no coffee allowed. No one knows truly why it is in effect and if it will even be coming back.

When asked the question “How many people have complained about the coffee rule?”,  Mr. Giguere said, “Three people have complained to me but I imagine that many more complained to Mr. Light.

Mr. Giguere had a lot of say on this topic. He stated  that there would be students texting in class asking for people to get them coffee last year. Many students would also be late to school last year because they would be waiting in line for their coffee. All of this would take away from the classes and education, Mr. Giguere stated as well.

Now when students are late from getting coffee, you will be asked to throw it away. However, if it’s your first time being late you will be allowed to finish it. They may also take your coffee and put it in the fridge so you will have it later. Massachusetts State Law proclaims that all public schools cannot sell any caffeinated drinks during school hours.

The coffee rule in Mr. Giguere’s words is that you are not allowed to have coffee during school hours, but you may drink it before and after school. Coffee is also sold in the library before and after school as well as many other caffeinated drinks.

The coffee rule has been in many conversations between people all year round at FHS; it will be until something is done about it or until students get used to the rule.