The Votes Are In For Sophomore Banquet!

The Votes Are In For Sophomore Banquet!

Grace Griffin, Writer

It’s official: the students have voted and sophomore banquet will be held in the courtyard this year. The students were very split on the decision and the courtyard only won by one vote in a final tally of 142 to 143.

Parker Halliday, a sophomore, says: “I voted for the courtyard because I think it will be different than any other banquet we’ve had.”

Halliday also stated that she hopes that it will be warm enough outside by the time banquet comes and she believes that the courtyards should be used more often.

However, some students have concerns regarding the change from the usual banquet venue. Halliday, along with others, expressed concerns that the weather would not be suitable for an outside banquet. If the weather does turn out to be bad, the banquet will be moved inside to the cafeteria.

Julia Hogan, a sophomore class representative, assures students that “if we [the reps] wouldn’t want to be out there, we won’t make our classmates be out there.”

With this new venue will come many changes. First of all, the courtyard will not get as hot since it is outside. Also, many students believe that the banquet will be prettier and have a fresh, new atmosphere. Hogan hopes that this change will “set a new tradition” for years to come.

In regards to decorations, the student reps have already begun planning. Some of their ideas include string lights, lights shining on the walls, and the classic balloons.

Sophomore banquet will be held on May 1st in the Franklin High School courtyard.