Cracking Down: An Editorial

Lynnaea Barry, Writer


Remember when we could walk around the school without anything hanging around our neck? Not anymore. The “lanyard policy” is being enforced starting March 30, 2015. Teachers from every period are required to ask to see students’ lanyards, and if the students do not have their IDs, there will be consequences.

We asked a few students what they thought about the lanyard policy of Franklin High.

“To be honest, since we got into the new school, administration has been on a power high,” senior student Jess Ward says, when asked why she thinks we are enforcing the rule.

When we asked Nolan Long, another senior in Franklin High how he thinks this is benefiting Franklin High students and faculty, he replied: “It’s not. People still get into school if they really wanted to.”

Ward adds: “It’s benefiting faculty by making them more important but it’s not benefiting students, it’s labeling them as numbers.”

Three different students shared how they feel about their peers criticizing the enforcement of the lanyard policy:

“It’s true,” Ward agreed confidently. “Honestly, teachers should know if a student belongs or not. I can see why we need a lanyard to get into the school, but why during class?”

Maddy Fields added to the conversation: “If administration does not know a face, how? Isn’t that their job?”

Cam Bean comments within the discussion: “If you want me to pull out an ID, I will,” he said. “But the fact that I have to wear it around my neck is ridiculous.”

Strong feelings against the lanyard policy may be biased, especially when it comes to seniors ready to exit Franklin High for good. But these criticisms might be something administration could consider when planning policies and consequences for next year.