Taking School Spirit to a Whole New Level

Cassidy DeVincentis, Writer

Franklin High School has introduced a new and fun alternative to March Madness, granting students the ability to compete against each grade by dressing in certain attire for a new prize every week.

Friday, March 13th was the first day Franklin Fridays were introduced and the theme was “school spirit.” An overwhelming number of students participated, tweeting pictures to the school’s twitter page using the hashtag “Franklin Friday” including their year of graduation.

Every two weeks there is a different prize for the winning grade’s participation. The first week starts off with all four grades facing each other, then the next week the winning two grades will face off to crown the final winning team.

The previous week’s prize was a voucher for Elizabeth’s Bagels and the next is said to be for the Cake Bar.

Franklin High School student, Kimberly Thomas feels as though Franklin Fridays are a chance to participate in school more than just attending. She also explains how it gives students something to look forward to every Friday.

Many students are excited for the upcoming prizes that Thomas says are definitely worth participating for. Seniors have taken the lead in the first Franklin Friday. Hopefully new grades will prevail in weeks to come.