Lanyard Rule: Good or Bad? You Decide.

Lanyard Rule: Good or Bad? You Decide.

Administrators wearing their lanyards

Nora Patriquin, Writer

Throughout the year students have been off and on with wearing their lanyards. Now the administration is asking teachers to send down names of those who aren’t wearing them when taking attendance. Monday, March 30, 2015 was  the first day Franklin High School (FHS) started the updated lanyard policy.

Mr. Giguere explained:, “Teachers are taking attendance and the attendance will go to Ms. Fausnacht complying compiling how many people are wearing and not wearing their lanyards.”

Your ID must be visibly displayed on the front of your upper torso. You do not need a lanyard but you are required to wear an ID.

If someone forgets their lanyard, they can get a temporary one from Ms. Fausnacht. However, they will get marked for not wearing their actual lanyard. If you do not wear your lanyard you are given three verbal warnings (each one per day) then, on the fourth  you will start to receive detentions.   If you continue to ignore the policy, you will receive additional penalties.

If you are assigned a detention you will be given 24 hours notice.

Some students have been concerned about Senior Week. When asked if Senior Week might be taken away from students who repeatedly ignore the policy, Giguere said: “If they have outstanding detentions then they must serve them before Senior Week in order to attend.” Therefore, the only way senior week can be taken away is if you do not attend detentions.

Along with Senior Week, students have also been worried about making it to after school practices if they are given detention. Giguere clarified that if you are given a detention the day you have practice, you are required attend detention. You will be late to practice.

Joely Spencer, an eleventh grade FHS student said: “Now that there are detentions it is working a little better.” She later says, “Because of detentions it makes me want to wear it more.”

Spencer also stated that she is confused about how lanyards keep us safe, along with a couple other students who were asked how they feel about them. Another student at FHS, asked the question, if we did not have to wear lanyards in the old school, why do we have to wear them now.

They also said that they don’t understand why they have to bring it to a high level of detentions.

On March 24, 2015 Mr. Light, sent an email to parents and students about the lanyard rule. In one part he stated: “Over the last few weeks and months, enforcement of the lanyard policy has subsided and we have seen fewer students wearing lanyards with ID cards.”

Light believes that requiring students to wear lanyards helps staff to easily recognize who should and should not be in the building.  Students may hate the lanyard, and others may not care, but the lanyard’s are for the school’s safety.