Helping The Community One Leader At a Time

Samantha Socha, Writer

UnknownWhat’s better than making an impact with your best friends? That’s what the YMCA Leaders club is all about.

The Leaders club is a great way to get community service hours because members are required to get at least six hours a month, but it is also a great place to make friends and build lifelong relationships.

One of the advisors of this club, Nate Packert, said: “We give back to the community through volunteering our services where needed. We are a group of thoughtful committed people who are trying to make a change for the world around us.”

When senior Logan Mitchell was asked why he joined, he said: “I was forced to join leaders but after the first meeting I decided it was something I really wanted to do.”

Senior Tara Lambert, executive member of Senior Leaders said: “The things we do for Leaders gives you personal satisfaction. It is a lot more rewarding.”

The club goes out and does a lot of community service for larger groups and organizations such as the Rodman Ride for Kids, but also does smaller things as well like random acts of kindness days.

When asked about leaders, Senior Cam Bean said: “There is not one single thing that stands out about Leaders, it’s overall a great experience.”

Cam talked about taking part in his favorite volunteering activity, relay for life, because “the entire club comes together as a team and fights for a good cause.”

Logan added that his favorite part of Leaders was “the connections [he] developed with people [he] barely knew before.”

If interested in joining, or simply stopping by to see what this club is all about, the Leaders meet every Thursday in the community room at the Franklin YMCA from 6:30-8:30pm. New members are always welcome!