Leaving Out The Anti-Bullying Club?

Slade Dow, Writer


A great many people when they are looking for a club to join tend to skim over the Anti-Bullying Club. Well perhaps you shouldn’t, as it helps not only the school, but the community as well.

Many people would wonder why a club designed to stop bullying would even need to exist. Mrs. Cerce, one of the current advisors of the Anti-Bullying Club, explains it is an attempt by the school district to create a student-driven movement to attempt to “win over” the students who partake in the event of bullying.

The club attempts to do a variety of campaigns to spread the word. from things like speaking out to the community, to making advertising banners.

As the club is not expected to start campaigning again until next fall, the activity will be very slow until then, as a new advisor is taking over for Mrs. Cerce. 

With the introduction of the anti-bullying club, the school district expects a student driven change in the community. Hopefully the club delivers.