Random Acts of Kindness from Senior Justin Means

Lindsey Chiarelli, Reporter

Justin Means in the halls of Franklin High School.
Justin Means in the halls of Franklin High School.

Justin Means is a senior at Franklin High School who enjoys giving other students gum, candy, and gifts for holidays/birthdays on a regular basis, free of charge, without expecting anything in return. He began to give people gum during his freshman year, and started to hand out candy and Christmas presents throughout this current year as a senior.

When Means was asked why he does this, he said, “I just like to see people happy, so I try to make their days better by giving them something they like. A small act of kindness could make a person feel better.” Means also stated that it makes him feel good when he sees people smiling. His goal is for people to start acting nicer to each other, and to give each other random acts of kindness.

Senior Bridget Johnson is a student who has received candy from Means. She says, “It makes me feel special that he took the time to go out of his way and get my favorite candy for me.” When asked about her thoughts on Means’ intentions, she replied, “I think it’s a great thing that somebody wants to make people’s day with nothing in return. I’m lucky to call him my friend.”

Means’ acts of kindness have gone a long way, and will hopefully influence a chain reaction among other students.