Will FHS Have Senior Privileges?

Isabella Fernandez, Writer

At Franklin High School, there have not been senior privileges for quite some time. Could this be the year to get them back?

Such privileges include: coming into school tardy for second period if such student has a directed study first period, leaving early from school if the student has a directed study last period, and leaving campus to get lunch if a student has directed study during the lunch block.

Assistant Principal, Mr. Craig Williams explains: “If there is a group of students that want to walk through the steps with us we are more than willing to do that with you.”

With this information, we as a student body can start by taking action with the student government.  Mr. Williams tells us that our outlet for making changes in the school is to start by setting up polls and petitions with student government.  

Williams explains that school changes can be attained through a process.  He says he wants to work with us in making the student body all productive citizens by looking into the possibilities of the future.