Is the Philosophy Club for you?

Liam Ray

Are you someone who questions everything? Do you feel strongly about something and want to share your opinion? If so, Philosophy Club is just right for you. Even if these things don’t apply to you, Philosophy Club might be one of the most engaging clubs that you will ever be a part of.

When I first walked into room 331, I was asked my name and what I believed in. I said my name Liam Ray, and I that I believed in meritocracy. After that, I sat down and participated in what easily may have been the most interesting discussion of my whole life so far.

Everyone had their own point of view, and nobody was excluded. It was a great experience, and I certainly recommend it to anyone, especially freshmen.

Every week we discuss a new topic which makes you think hard and start to realize your views regarding certain aspects of life.

For more information contact Mr.Dibona.

No matter who you are, you will fit in before you can question what “fitting in” is.

So come to room 331 on Mondays after school for the club to end all clubs. Philosophy Club