Open Mics and Open Arms at FHS

Open Mics and Open Arms at FHS

Charlotte Gardner, Writer

Franklin High School’s Music Production Club will be hosting their first Open Mic Night production of the year on Thursday, Oct 29th in the Black Box Theatre.

While inspiring the audience, Open Mics Nights also generate inspiration within the club itself.

But Open Mic Nights are not only a showcase for the members of the club- they are a way for “the community [to have] a chance to see what the students here are capable of and provide them with an opportunity to perform as well,” says leader of the club, Mr. Wall.

Historian, Becca Simpson, states:

“We’ve all worked really hard on [Open Mics] and [we] just have fun and do something we’re not usually comfortable with and it kinda help us open up.”

Through the use of these live events in the past, the club has gained many new members and has seen acts of spontaneity from people observing the show. Because of the overwhelming success and growth of Open Mic Nights, the club is attempting to plan at least four spread out along the year, incorporating new themes into each one such as “Collaboration Nights” or “Original Songs Only”.

So just a head’s up- if you plan to attend this Thursday, spooky songs are encouraged, but not mandatory.