FHS Goes Global

Giovanna Sabini-Leite

Meetings:   Wednesdays at 6:50 in the Library Conference Room (Planning Meets)

What is the Goal?

The FHS Goes Global Program hopes to achieve many goals, including, as a long term goal, for this Program to be a more substantial part of Franklin High School. One of the Program’s goal is to bring more students together who want to learn more about the world and want, or are interested in, a different perspective of the world.

As a program, we wouldn’t just be restricted to learning about different cultures but we can discuss topics from diseases around the world and how it affects us to education to mathematics. We will be offering a variety of activities, programs and events for students to attend throughout the year.

What is Global Competence?

Global Competence is rooted in our changing reality and is constantly evolving with the world. At its core, global competence is ‘the disposition and capacity to understand and act on issues of global significance.’”

The Global Competence Program hopes that students will be able to…

  • understand and consider multiple perspectives and complexity of global issues
  • critically and analytically think
  • be comfortable with ambiguity and change

How does this fit the students of FHS?

Franklin High School exists as a covenant among students, parents, staff and community. This collaboration promotes a rigorous, safe and nurturing environment in which students are responsible and passionate learners.  In an atmosphere of equality, acceptance and respect, students prepare to contribute to our democratic society and an interdependent world.

Future Events

  • Movie Nights
    • Viewing of different movies from different cultures and languages.
  • FHS Talks (like TED Talks)
    • Guest speakers talking about global dilemmas; how we, as a school and individual, can help; etc.
  • International Hot Lunch Week
    • Each day a traditional hot lunch from a different country would be prepared.
  • Field Trips on the Weekends
  • Activities and Fundraising During Directed Study
    • Designed to bring awareness of other cultures to FHS students who are interested in the club.
  • Any other ideas/ suggestions from students.

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