Inspiration and Goals for Franklin High’s Neon/ Black Light Dance

Inspiration and Goals for Franklin Highs Neon/ Black Light Dance

Molly Tattrie, Writer

Franklin High School (FHS) is bringing a dance to the school unlike any other that students have experienced before- the Neon Dance.

The Neon Dance, also being referred to as the Black Light Dance, is not very different from your average FHS dance besides the casual clothing.  It is highly recommended that students wear bright neon colors or white which will glow in the black light and provide a fun environment.

Class of 2018 President Jacob Lemanowicz and Secretary Christina Quinn both gave insight as to the inspiration for the dance.

Jacob states: “We hope that this dance will build school culture and spirit. Hopefully this will help to bring us closer as a whole.”  

Christina Quinn also describes the influence for the dance: “We thought it would build a sense of community in the school, and we thought it would be fun to try something new.”

Class of 2018 Student Council started planning the dance at the end of last school year.  Many students had learned about the dance through other area schools such as King Philip High School, and brought it to the council as a suggestion.  The council approved it and was excited to start planning.

The student council also has goals that they hope to be the outcome of this dance.  Jacob reveals his hopes for positive results: “We believe we will build school spirit and it will be a very productive fundraiser.” In addition, they hope for a large turnout among students.

Jacob and Christina also explain that they want students to have a good time, as they think the dance will be a lot of fun.  Christina tells that there will be a great DJ and a playlist will be submitted soon.

The dance will be held on November 20th from 7-10 p.m. at the school with a $10 admission fee.  All grades are invited, so come show your spirit and dig out your neon!

“With everyone being dressed up in neon,” says Christina, “when you walk in, it’s going to look awesome.”