Art Contest: FHS Goes Global Passport

Sophia Sabini-Leite


What is the “FHS Goes Global Program”?

The FHS Goes Global Program hopes to achieve many goals, both short and long term.  One of the Program’s short term goals is to bring more students together who want to learn about the world and want to gain a different perspective on the world.  Our long-term hope is to cultivate student citizens who are more culturally aware and accepting and more globally engaged; and subsequently, that FHS Goes Global  may become a visible presence at Franklin High School.

       As a program, we aren’t limited to just learning about different cultures, but are open to discussion on a variety of topics ranging from world diseases and their global impact to education to mathematics.  We will offer a variety of activities, programs and events for students to attend throughout the year.

The Passport?

We are using a “passport” as a way to get more students involved. Everyone will receive one passport to begin with. When s/he attends an “FHS Goes Global” event, whether it is an FHS Talks (like TED Talks), a movie night, or a field trip, that person will receive a stamp in their passport.  If they have a certain number of stamps by a certain date, a prize will be awarded. Prizes and awards are TBD.

*If you are interested in joining the program, please come to our regular meetings, Wed. @ 7 am.*

To learn more, our “Kick-Off Party” is on Dec. 1st in the Media Center @ 7-8pm

So, What is Your Job?…

We are holding a contest open to all FHS students to design the cover of the FHS Goes Global passport!

Theme: Go Global! (school appropriate, please)

global passport

Use half of a 11”x8.5” paper, or a 5.5”x8.5”, piece of paper.

**Once folded, hold it vertically, as seen to the right.**

                     Due on Monday, November 23rd!