The Long (But Rewarding) Journey to College

Chris Baker, Writer

In the midst of Franklin High School, Seniors are moving forward in the rigorous, yet worthwhile, college process.

Grade 12 consists of filling out applications, having meetings with Guidance Counselors, and visiting schools. But most importantly, Seniors decide on their plans for the following year.

However, this process generally begins during Junior year.

Students in Grade 11 make lists of schools of interest. And as the year goes on, many juniors visit their desired colleges.

Ben Waters, a current senior, remarked:

“For me, I started researching schools early in Junior year. But I really got going in April, when I visited a number of schools in Washington, D.C.”

One important aspect of Junior year is the attendance of guidance seminars.

These meetings take place during April-June.

Through the seminars, students are informed about various topics, such as making college lists.

“My guidance counselor really helped move me forward in the process, especially with the seminars,” said Riley Conatser, a senior at FHS.

Many students take Advanced Placement (AP) classes, which help them prepare for the future.

So as they are busy with AP courses, Seniors are also narrowing down their college lists.

Come winter and spring of Senior year, these soon-to-be graduates have finally decided on a college.

Well, by the end of the college process, students have put in phenomenal effort, all of which pays off.