A Freshman Look on Homecoming

Elizabeth Leo, Writer

Homecoming came and went, and with that there has been a lot of buzz around FHS about that night.

As Freshman, Sydney Dion and Sabrina Doherty had a lot to say about their first homecoming experience.

When asked how their first experience was, Doherty mentioned:

“Homecoming was better than expected. It was very loud, but also very fun.”

On that topic, Dion also stated:

“I loved it and I’m excited for next year. Though they should have made it darker, overall it was fun. Many people did dance which was unexpected.”

There was a rumor before the dance that girls would have to take their heels off in the gym and Dion said:

“We were told not to wear them and it was more comfortable not to. Most girls placed their shoes on top of the bleachers.”

Before the dance, Dion and Doherty were told that the first 30 minutes of the dance would be boring and quiet, and Doherty said:

“The beginning of the dance was very awkward because everyone was just clumped around the doorway and just talking to their friends but after that it was fine.”

Dion also spoke on that topic and said that the first half an hour was probably her least favorite part of homecoming.

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