Diving Into Varsity Swim: One Captain’s Story

Diving Into Varsity Swim: One Captain’s Story

Emily Bisanti, Writer

Two years ago Colleen Proulx was ripped from the pool with a knee injury. This year she’s back stronger than before.

A dislocated kneecap didn’t stop Colleen Proulx, one of the Captains of the Franklin High swim team, from competing for nearly five months. The pain was there, but so were the college scouts causing her to push through it and achieve some of the best times in the league, especially for a sophomore.

At the close of the 2013 swim season, she decided something needed to be done about the pain before starting the long course season that runs from about June to August. Little did she know the surgeries to repair the knee that had long been dislocated wouldn’t stop until December 2014.

A swimmer since third grade, Proulx knew being out of the pool for this long meant her chances of swimming in college had already dissolved. This didn’t change her love for the sport though, and she managed the swim team her Junior year showing her dedication and leading to her being Captain of the team this winter.

Proulx’s specialty was breaststroke, and will continue to be in the upcoming season. Her times may not be what they used to be, but her tenacious spirit never dampened because of her injury.

Speaking about the season she remarks:

“This year we have a good chance of winning because all of our swimmers have gotten stronger over these four years, but it’s not about winning; it’s about making new friends and leaving the team a stronger family than ever.”

For Proulx, it’s never been about winning, it’s the family that’s cheered each other on from the sidelines and been supportive through even the worst of times.

As the season nears and Captains begin their Captain-duties, Colleen Proulx prepares to get back into the pool and prove that no matter what you go through, you can get through it and you don’t have to do it alone.