Blocking of Websites

Blocking of Websites

Juliana Terrasi, Writer

Throughout the past two years at the new Franklin High School (FHS), blocked websites have been one of the most talked about topics between the students and faculty.

“I think that blocking websites in any setting in problematic,” says English teacher, Ms. Gabrielle.

Many teachers believe that some websites should be blocked, such as any websites that contain explicit content. Although, there are websites such as YouTube, that have been blocked on some faculty computers that are beneficial in the classroom. These sites are sometimes blocked on student computers because they have chosen to use some of the websites inappropriately.  

“I also think that there needs to be some trust given to students and faculty that we will use aforementioned websites in a responsible and professional manner,” says Ms. Gabrielle.

It’s no surprise that the most missed websites by students are Netflix and Spotify.

Junior Carli Koffinke says:

“There’s no harm in listening to music or watching a show during a free period.”

Many students say that Spotify is safer than YouTube because you can not look up videos on Spotify.

Some of the websites that are blocked, such as Instagram and addicting games etc., can be distracting during class when students have their computers open.