What is Pantherbook?


Alyssa Carolan

Despite popular belief, Pantherbook is not just Franklin High’s “online newspaper.”  Pantherbook is actually an innovative way to share the happenings at Franklin High as well as spotlight students.

Writing articles about the school is just part of Pantherbook, not the entire club.  We want to hear from you, the students of Franklin High!  We want to see your talent! If you love art, writing,sports, etc. and you want to be noticed or even if you want to share your work anonymously, then come to Pantherbook on Monday after school in room 342 and we’ll set you up!

You don’t even need to be a part of the club to share your work, your opinion, etc.  You don’t even have to write an article! You can come to the club or you can email one of the members and we’ll help you get your work out there!

Pantherbook is a way for students to voice their thoughts and put a spotlight on their work.  Pantherbook was made for the students of Franklin High!  We want the students to feel like they have a place to be able to share a piece of artwork, or share a piece of writing, talk about sports, or anything you want other students to know!

If you have a piece of artwork you made and you want to put it out there but aren’t comfortable with doing it yourself, Pantherbook would be more than happy to share it, with credit of course (unless you want it done anonymously), so people are able to see your amazing talent.

If you have a piece of writing you wrote and you want it to be recognized, Pantherbook would absolutely love to share it with the other students of Franklin High!

Have an opinion but you don’t want to join Pantherbook and go to every meeting? Feel free to write something out or bring an idea to the club and we’ll cover everything and give you proper credit!

If you’re into sports and want to share some of the latest statistics about Franklin’s sport teams, come for one afternoon or email on of the leaders of Pantherbook.  We’ll help you to share your information!

If you enjoy politics you can come to Pantherbook one afternoon and talk about it!  Broadcast your voice and opinions through Pantherbook!

Pantherbook is a great way to share the talent of Franklin High because every student has so much talent here and we want it to be shared.  We want people to be able to share their skill with the rest of the students and get recognized for it!

With the new year, comes an updated Pantherbook that is made for the students of Franklin High School.