A Look Into the Life of Teachers


Teachers and students both live very similar lifestyles. At Franklin High School, Mr. Masto and Mr. McClaughlin were interviewed to compare the differences in someone who is new to teaching at FHS and in Franklin, and someone who has some experience under their belt. You can catch the full interview here.

Mr. McClaughlin explained his passion for teaching in powerful and simple words when asked why he teaches, and continues to teach at FHS:

“Mainly the kids…the faculty is great and the physical education department is awesome, they have been taking me under their wing.”

Mr. McClaughlin’s words show the true cohesion between student and teacher at FHS.

Mr. Masto also elaborated on his second year of teaching at FHS. Mr. Masto is in his sixth year of teaching in Franklin. He has done four years of teaching at Oak Street and FHS. Mr. Masto also expressed the same kind of mutual respect and connection with his students, saying that:

“The kids are phenomenal. Every time I walk into my classroom, one of them says something brilliant or does something phenomenal, that reminds me why I started teaching.”

As seen by the interviews, there is a real connection between both teacher and student at FHS. I think both agree, FHS is a great environment for growth, development, and learning.