Students vs. Lanyards

Izzy Fernandez and Henry Atwell

The battle between the students and the lanyard policies at Franklin High is finally over.

At Franklin High School the Students have had quite some trouble keeping up with the lanyard policies that have been implemented.  However, the debate is finally over.

The new policy to be implemented is that students are no longer are required to wear their lanyards in the school, but are required to have them on them.  This means place your ID somewhere accessible – whether it’s in your wallet, pocket, or backpack.  As for the doors to the school – they still lock and require an ID to unlock.

The change in the lanyard policy came with a compromise from the administration and the director of nutrition.  Recently, Mr. Perry informed the student body on the morning news that there will also be a new policy in the lunchroom.  

Mr. Perry stated: “When buying your lunch, there will be three registers that require you to have your IDs with you to be scanned for purchase.  If you do not have your ID with you, then you will be directed to the last line where you will be asked to type in your student ID code.” So – plan accordingly!

Alongside Mr. Perry,  the Director of Nutrition, Mr. Mahoney helped create this policy.

Mr. Mahoney stated: “I think that it might be helpful for you to know that the student ID change that we plan to implement is being done at the request of Mr. Light and fits into his larger plan for Franklin High School.”  

With that being said, this raises questions about what Mr. Light’s aspirations are for his larger plan for Franklin High School.  With the new policies being implemented we hope to see a large shift in the attitude of FHS and the way we are able to access the building and lunch options.