Do You Have a Lion’s Heart?

Molly Tattrie, Writer

The Lion’s Heart Community Service Club recently started in Franklin, MA, connecting young people with their community in a positive way.

The club focuses on benefiting individuals and organizations nearby.  The president of the sophomore girls group in Franklin, Tabitha Whitmore, gave insight on the club’s significance.  

She reveals: “It provides service for the needy within the community, and it helps the volunteers see how big of a difference their small actions can make.”

Community service opportunities are presented within the group and members are encouraged to participate in many of these events.  The people involved in this program complete at least 30 hours of community service throughout the year.

Whitmore says that any kid or teenager who is motivated to help out can be involved in the club.  When asked how to join, she states: “They first have to make a chapter, which is a group of people the same gender and age as them, and then they have to find an adult to be the class coordinator.”

Currently, there are four groups in Franklin, which include three for boys and one for girls.  Additionally, the club is active in 10 other states across the nation, California being the most popular.

Meredith (“Meri”) Gendreau, Secretary of the girls group, discusses how the Lion’s Heart club has been an eye-opening experience for her.  

She says: “It has showed me how much there is to be done in the community and how many people don’t know about what is going on in their own neighborhood.”   

This program teaches people how to be a good citizen as well as a good person overall.  Students will have opportunities to give back and observe how one action can make such an impact on themselves and others.

Members will also have an opportunity to build friendships while working together with people they might not have known well.  The bonding experiences make the service easier and more enjoyable.  

Gendreau reveals: “Everyone in our club works well together by listening to each other’s ideas and being open to suggestions.”

Types of service completed by the girls group so far include helping at the Senior Center, volunteering at the Franklin Food Pantry, assisting with youth walks and runs, and much more.  For more information about the Lion’s Heart Club, visit their website.