Class of 2017 Goes Local

Alycia Felli

Earlier this month, Class of 2017 Representatives announced this year’s fundraiser: A month long calendar raffle. With a recent beanie fundraiser bringing in funds for Prom, this one is expected to be an even greater success.

How the raffle works is each day for the entire month of April, a donated item is raffled off to a ticket purchaser. The Class of 2017 is asking for donations from local businesses, which will be the items raffled off on the calendar. Each donated business will be advertised on the calendar.

“A Lot of local businesses have been more than happy to donate, however many larger businesses require corporate permission which has been tricky, but it’s nothing my amazing team of reps and officers can’t handle!” says Class of 2017 president Nicky Gnaman.

All the money earned through the fundraiser will go towards Class of 2017 Senior Activities as well as their prom, which is right around the corner on April 29th. The more money raised, the lower the prices the events will be. Where students come in is with the selling of raffle tickets.

“The fundraiser is projected to sell A Lot if each student sells 2-4 tickets, so make sure you go out and sell!” says Student Council member Julia Hogan.

More information will be available after the calendar is put together. If you have any questions, contact Class of 2017 representatives or Advisors Ms. Kayan or Ms. Renfrew.