The FHS Gardening Club is Growing

Grace Griffin

Are you taking AP Environmental Science? Do you like learning about new plants? Do you want to do something to help the environment and your community?

If you answered yes to any of these, come to gardening club after school Thursdays in room 201.

“We grow various plants that we’re hoping to be able to donate to the Franklin Food Pantry, as well as raise money for environmental awareness” says FHS junior and gardening club president Alex Sinks.

Sinks started the club to raise awareness for the environment and in hopes of making the school more environmentally conscious and energy efficient.

Potatoes, beans, peas, garlic, lettuce, basil, and thyme are among the numerous plants the club is growing right now. All these plants are both organic and non-GMO, meaning that there is no dangerous pesticides or runoff that could be harmful to the environment. They hope to donate some of their produce to the Franklin Food Pantry.

Along with growing, the club also teaches about gardening techniques and raises money to fund environmental studies and projects. The club accepts donations for environmental projects, and is starting a seed paper fundraiser in hopes of generating more revenue.

When Sinks first started the club at the beginning of the school year, the member turnout was around five people. Now, however, the member count has climbed to roughly twenty people.

“New members are always welcome!” says Sinks.
Gardening club is one of the newest and fastest growing clubs at FHS, join today!