FHS Goes Global Program: PantherTalks

Sophia Sabini-Leite

Want to share your story or something you are interested in? Then come on down and be a part of PantherTalks!

FHS Goes Global Program is introducing the new PantherTalks! As a part of our monthly events, Giovanna Sabini-Leite and Michael Hurley stepped in to plan the talks. Inspired by TedTalks, speakers can sign up to speak about anything they are interested in.

Everyone and anyone who is interested in speaking at PantherTalks is welcome! If you do not want to speak, please come and listen to your peers speak about what they are passionate about!

You can speak about anything you’re passionate about, and you can even have a powerpoint to aid you.

Here are the guidelines for talks.

  1. The presentation should be around 5-10 minutes long, but if it’s shorter, or longer, it’s no big deal!
  2. It can be an informal speech about anything: where you are from, things you are interested in, causes you stand for, etc.
    1. Some guiding questions: How did it impact you? How has it changed your point of view? How has it impacted the world around you?

Sign up here if you want to speak on Thursday, March 31st, at 2:10-4 PM in the 2nd floor Lecture Hall.

We hope to see you there!

Have any questions? Please email Giovanna Sabini-Leite ([email protected]) or Michael Hurley ([email protected])