Robotics Club is Looking for New Members

Grace Griffin

The Franklin High Robotics Club is looking for new members!

Haven’t heard of the club? They meet twice a week and work on developing robots for competitions.

During the season, they spend their club time preparing for competitions by “working on the robot mechanically and computer programming” says club member and FHS junior Nevin Jestus. This season, they attended two competitions, one in November and one in January.

In November, they placed 18th out of approximately 50 teams. In January, they placed 41st out of 77 teams.

At the competitions, the club brings the robots they have been building and programming to compete with other schools.

Each year, a new game is chosen for the robots to play and the team designs and constructs a robot accordingly. They are randomly paired up for a 2v2 competition, until playoffs when they can choose a partner to make an alliance with.

Now that their competition season has ended, the club primarily focuses on getting more people to join, and fundraising. They hope to expand to other grades, as most of the leadership roles are filled by juniors.

“Even if you don’t have experience with robots, you can come and help” says club member and FHS junior Michael Dolan.

Anyone interested in business or art is also encouraged to join, as the club hopes to work on fundraising and creating shirts in the remainder of the year.robot2

“We’re hoping to get local businesses for fundraising to get better equipment and make better robots for competitions” explains club member and junior Nathan Shepherd.

The club meets every Tuesday in the 2nd floor robotics lab and every Thursday in room 130.

“No experience is necessary” stresses club advisor Ms. Taranto.

We hope to see you at the meeting this Tuesday or Thursday!